The Night

Sometimes it’s just the negativity inside us that pulls us down to kill our dreams. This poem, “The Night”, is meant to convey the message that sometimes it is okay to cry and let the anger out in order to move on, pave the way for positivity and success. No matter what challenges life may throw at you, keep chasing your dreams!

Glancing upon the twinkling stars,
with a thousand unanswered questions bizarre,
tears I shed in vain,
darkening the already mournful night.

The Universe echoes with my screams,
so shrill, leaving me unheard,
as my heart bursts with the stabbing pain,
of being the moon hidden by the evil shadows.

Pearls, as my mom called them, roll down my cheeks,
sorrow runs through my veins.
My thoughts etch my heart with a seemingly eternal negativity,
but my mind gets occupied by the dreams I once weaved.

No, I can’t fall too deep into grief,
its just endless, hollow and vain.
The will to rise lights my eyes with sparks of fire,
Igniting my spirit again, burning my grief to ashes.

And once again, I glance upon the twinkling stars,
who wink at me, cry silently,
before a ray of light carries their shine away.
Ahh! The Universe gives everyone a chance to shine their way!

Picture by eberhard grossgasteiger (Unsplash)

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