The Man, the Desert, and his Creator!

A man found his
Footmarks disappearing 
Under dunes of sand,
Scorched by desert heat
As he walked to find his creator.

In an oasis,
With dangling coconuts
And tepid ponds,
God was found.

Each limb sparkled.
Even the solitary star,
Burnt in a fading backdrop,
To an illuminant being.

One arm caressed,
A creature,
Who was in equal doses,
Queer and celestial.

The other arm held high,
Palm stretched and bereft,
Of even a solitary bead of sweat.

Garments covered with gold,
Riches so rich,
That ebony nights would be lit up,
With it’s gleam. 

The man, stood and stumbled,
And then, stood once more.
Then, he moved closer,
To his creator.
His eyes were radiating,
For, the marvel that stood before him.

And just as God was about,
To make contact,
With a son who had made his way,
Through sandy deserts,
Filled with nothing but,
Heat and sand,
He ducked beneath Gods,
Outstretched hands
And past the queer pet,
To quench the thirst,
The desert had stirred,
In the waters of the shallow pond.

Man had found God,
But, had left him/it/her,
Waiting in the middle of an oasis,
In the middle of a desert.

God sweat for the first time.


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