A tryst with Usha!

It was our pleasure to join Sangamer Usha at the 44th Annual Art Exhibition organised by the Tamil Nadu Arts & Crafts Improvement Association, held in Chennai between the 8th and 14th July. She was recognised during the opening ceremony of the exhibition and felicitated with a memento. 

We were audience to the works, of accomplished painters and sketch artists, that adorned the walls of the Lalit Kala Akademy. Mr. S. Rajendran, the Joint Director of Arts and Culture Dept. of the Tamil Nadu government inaugurated the exhibition.  

Usha was accompanied with her daughter who also happened to be a featured artist in the exhibition. We believe art runs in the blood line. 

Should you want to feature upcoming exhibitions or events on our platform please send us your request here.
We will soon get the ball rolling on RTS events and exhibitions! We look forward to the day where all RTS artists can collectively share a stage. For now find Usha’s work here:

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