Day: June 19, 2019


The word ‘Parama’ in Bengali and Sanskrit is used to appreciate a woman by associating her existence as a wonderful individual of magnanimous, charismatic character with superhuman capabilities. According to the ancient Hindu texts, the evolution of the cult of mother worship and glorification started with the critical explanation and correlation of the eternal primordial […]

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The Horrors of Kathua

Horrors like the Kathua incident shake my very faith in humanity. We are better than this and the world deserves better of us. While equality is meant to unequivocally protect, respect and honor everyone, it still has a way to go.

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The Mandala

The world is her oyster. And the mandala is her way of taking deep breaths and taking the world in. 

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More fantastical than fairies and mermaids are the creatures of oceans. Grace and power together meld in their beautiful forms—that demand to be cherished.

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Letters of apology for the Spring

Today, I want to apologize for lots of things.Mother hands me a fistful of red apple slices and asks me if I’ve taken my medicine.I’d like to start at a place where I was free: from being riddled with jealousy at the very thought of you and me not being youandme anymore.The apples taste grievous- […]

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October blooms into the tiresome red ofthe heart of the bougainvillea.The sun craves for knees, feet, arms, and fists;in the vein of bloody, fighting, and sacrificial. Mouth bites at cold, girl awakes: from hands proddinginto breast, each finger a sword, predator sinking into prey.It is toilsome tact, the premeditated fall of child from cradle,of innocence […]

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