Night Time!

Switches go on,
And fluorescence fills rooms,
Night time is here.

Tickets bought,
Trains and buses boarded,
Cigarettes lit,
And its time,
For a journey, back home.

Empty stomachs await,
Freshly cooked meals,
Tired bodies seek,
Soft sheets and even softer pillows.

Kisses exchanged,
Pleasantries follow.
It’s the end of a day.

But why is it still dark,
Despite fluorescent lights?
Why do feet,
Seek no journey?
Why is an empty stomach,
Not yearning food?
Why are there no cravings,
For sheets and pillows alike?
And pleasantries,
It takes two to tango.
The truth,
I didn’t get out of bed today.

Picture by Biel Morro (Unsplash)

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