Day: June 9, 2019


For all the timesThat I reached to you And you weren’t there,I prayThat someone else found youIn their solitude,And YOU gave them your hand. You are now forgiven. Picture by twinsfisch (Unsplash)

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It’s going to be a good day!

A slight drizzle,Announcing the arrival of the clouds,As a full moon sky is besieged with darkness. Streets boarded for festivities,Song and dance,Colour and light,All a part of this beautiful night.Feet move and stop and then,Move and stop again. Light radiating from a smile,That stretches from ear to ear;I walk along these celebrating streets.Hands waving and […]

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In a Bathtub

I am inside the hot bubble bathUp until my chin covered in soft lather.My toes and fingers white and wrinkled, with each fluid atom Rolling across my body Likes waves along the shore. And then, I was consumed with pain. A sudden gush of pain Rising from my stomach and right through my head. Drowning […]

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Earth and the Mandala

This piece is a representation of our globe through Mandala art.

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