Day: May 18, 2019


The red of the handmaid’s cloak stands out against a drab, dull world—almost-ghost-like. And she is tied to an ever-present noose—the new order of a totalitarian regime. The regime that has stolen her body, and her freedom.

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सारी उमर कौन रोता है?

तुम जो चले गए दुख तो बहुत होता है,जंदगी है यारों सारी उमर कौन रोता है,चद्दर की सिलवटों में तुम्हारी याद रहेगी,किसी जन्म में फिर मिलने की फरियाद रहेगी, रातों में चांद शायद ताने दे,हमको अपने वादे याद दिला दे,करवटों की हलचल कहां गई,सांसों की आवाज़ लुप्त हुई,अब आराम से यहां कौन सोता है,जिन्दगी है […]

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Mannequin,No there, where,Or run.Limbs acrossSnapped off.No nerves,Just sides.CutsDown the abdomen.Razor blade,An emotionThat leaves him dumb.Pressing buttons,LaughterShaken maniacal.Plastic eyesFor the bad days.Hair knottedCarpet staticRubbed thin.Drinking battery acidFor the rush To an empty headAnd heartless chest. Dead from Love dying. Picture by Rain Wu (Unsplash)

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Bloody silverAmethyst drippingLove.Swimming throughHippy roomsPast the rose in the gardenI planted.Rattle of the gate;Ghost –Sliding between yourArms, to a stomachHot as starlight.You turn to the other pillowPushing in, holding my handsIn yours.Smooth as your jewelry,Your lips, your back linesIn the lamplight,Running down my insidesSkin to bone.Each dayA yesterday to the other year,Pulled out at the […]

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