Why do you try and save him?

Why do you try to save him?
Change him when he can’t.
Like a butterfly
Fluttering in a storm,
You wish to capture and cradle,
But, the storm has claimed him.
There’s nothing you can do to protect him,
He chose this path,
And he can’t see it through if he’s blinded by your hands
In front of his eyes.
You’ll try, God you’ll try to fight it,
Knowing that you can be his sanctuary;
Knowing only you can be the love he needs to be saved,
But that’s not how this works,
Because that’s never the way love is supposed to work
Love has to be able to grow without you pushing it down,
Without you clawing and scrapping until it bleeds openly.
So let him fly into the storm,
And pray your love is what keeps him from being crushed.

Picture by Daria Rudyk (Unsplash)

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