My love

Fingerprint stains

On my frosted window pane.
Regret lines the corners of time –
Icicles, sleeplessness,
Bleakness from out drains in;
Sight dissolves;
And the darkness from
Distance crawls within.

My love owned a summer white dress,
Tinged from years of closeness.
Tobacco and champagne,
A color that fades in and out
Like English heat
On fields and riversides,
Blurring as if movement
Laid flat,

Ash-flavored dew drops,
Footsteps, clock watch,
Warm nights,
Delayed trains
Hot as coming home.
Brushing in wild bluebells
Or the noise and drying
In the door,
Like the roses you
Bought for me many times.
A scent of polish and love
Or the other way ‘round.

Stereos weep
At love’s lost kiss.
washing up
Like seashells
You picked that day.
With hands caressing as the breeze.
Twists and curves
Turn in the sink
Middle of stories
As sand grains collect
In the cracked porcelain.
Brittle ingredients
Drumming in and outs
On the metal drainer
Shiny as the downpour it echoes.
Sharp pine, soft
The windowsill in sustain
Like tears
As you and the other girl

Picture by Samantha Gades (Unsplash)


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  1. This is wonderful!

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