What is good enough and is it enough?

You’re restless again …we have spent this summer afternoon , idly letting our thoughts wash and break over us like the surge of a tranquil sea on sun drenched beaches …neither the heat nor the glare intimidating …but these questions like the pebbles and shells ….intriguing , grazing our feet and lazily demanding answers …..so poetry is expression , you say … Is it ? I’m mildly amused …..so is a bus ticket …an expression of your intention to get from point A to point B.

Of course, you laugh indulgently …..it’s you .
No ? You counter playfully …
Must it be ostentatious and profound and hard to understand? You mock me and duck as I flip a beer bottle cap at your laughing countenance. 
Should I answer that, I wonder. I have learnt that the flippant tone masks the quest for Beauty you eternally seek….and so it is with poetry….
Complexity of thought, precision of words …..the sacred geometry of line and image ….the artfulness of arrangement …..the multiplicity of tone . All proffered hesitantly and delicately, like a lover with a palmful of Jasmines …fragile …yet persistent. Not for everyone …relatable ,oh no .but for the one who seeks.

You nod , as you play with the tassels of my pallu ….you agree ?

Shobana Mathews
RTS literature Curator 


3 thoughts on “What is good enough and is it enough?

  1. How poignantly and with such ease this piece points out to the worth of verse… Loved the fragrances that waft through the whole piece

    1. Thanks ,di

  2. A beautiful piece of writing. Amazing use of words

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