Day: May 4, 2019

What is good enough and is it enough?

” You’re restless again …we have spent this summer afternoon , idly letting our thoughts wash and break over us like the surge of a tranquil sea on sun drenched beaches …neither the heat nor the glare intimidating …but these questions like the pebbles and shells ….intriguing , grazing our feet and lazily demanding answers […]

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आँखों की कैद में

आँखों की कैद में,रहने दो अब मुझे•••••कभी नूर बन के,कभी मोतियों के जैसेतिरने दो अब मुझे••••! यूँ इस तरहरुला के,न रिहा करो मुझे,आँखों की कैद मे ही,रहने दो मुझे•••••••!! Picture by Kat J (Unsplash)

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My love

Fingerprint stainsStagnateOn my frosted window pane.Regret lines the corners of time –Icicles, sleeplessness,Nakedness;Bleakness from out drains in;Sight dissolves;And the darkness fromDistance crawls within. My love owned a summer white dress,Tinged from years of closeness.Tobacco and champagne,A color that fades in and outLike English heatOn fields and riversides,Blurring as if movementLaid flat,Pressed. Ash-flavored dew drops,Footsteps, clock […]

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खेलो खेल खेलोमजे ले ले के खेलो खेलो खेल खेलो। फुट बाल खेला?या टेनिस,या फिर हॉकी,या क्रिकेट? थक जाओ तो आराम कर लो ,पानी पी लो,नहीं?थके नहीं?ये कौन सा खेल है?जिसमे थकते नहीं,रुकते नहीं? हम लोगों से खेलते हैं ,उनकी भावनाओं से,आदत है खेलने की ,थकते नहीं,रुकते नहीं ।इधर से सुना उधर दे डाला,मजे लेने के […]

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Fire is Fire

Fire is fire, So let’s say we burn this down;Light the match and watch it turn to ash.You and I were too much,Clashed and raged;Each trying to water the others ember,Hoping, in spite, that their flame would flicker and die.What does that make us?Perhaps our fires were too strong because we used them as weapons;Perhaps, […]

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Why do you try and save him?

Why do you try to save him?Change him when he can’t.Like a butterflyFluttering in a storm,You wish to capture and cradle,But, the storm has claimed him.There’s nothing you can do to protect him,He chose this path,And he can’t see it through if he’s blinded by your hands In front of his eyes.You’ll try, God you’ll […]

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