Nine months, twelve years –
Embryonic, ultrasonic
It’s all shapes and sound.

Developmental, ornamental –
Entrails entail
Out of hands and underground.





Tiny steps, tiny spaces –
Faceless and traceless.
Bodily fluids, the only residue.

Delivered in darkness, delivered in bunches
Red and black and blue
Uncurling, unfolding, unscented.

A tapestry, microscopy –
Fingering fabric, fibres.
It’s all layers and layers.

Plaintive, painted.
Lips and swirls and golden curls
Open mouthed. Falling down.

Oxygenating, dilating –
Undoing, undressing, unmoving,
It’s all physics and movement.

Smiles to conceive, smiles to resonate –
Terminating, perpetuating,
It’s all white and grey and matter.

Picture by Alex Hockett


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