The smile, the colour, the undertone –
Double doses, doubled over
Syncopated but not sustained
Rhythmic and retching – Darkness does this to me.

Sunlight stretching. Distant dappled.
Where is mine – Midnight, moonshine.
Tongues and insides. Downers and downsides.
Words like sweat: rolling, tumbling, invading

Numbers and fractions. Count, tap –
Division is the only answer
A shadow, a split, a taste.
Flesh is absorbing, creeping and crawling
Minutes in monochrome.

Weight and whiteness – pounding, ounces.
Flicker, fetter, resenting dimensions.
Shapes and shivers
Etching lines and spaces.
Two hands, four limbs, they’re shaking –
Tremors and murmurs, heat and faces.
Mimes and designs that turn on the outside
Reaching eyes and houses like dances.

To cut, to colour, to mourn.
Shading and placing and hiding
Just words, just nods, just silence
Just me.

Picture by TL (Unsplash)

1 thought on “Etchings

  1. These are wonderful poems. I am glad you wrote them.

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