Don’t go back to sleep yet

Don’t go back to sleep yet; see! 
We’re beckoned by shores of love’s sweet mystery, 
We ought to let our feet witness this ecstasy;
Of waves that know how to simply be… 
Watch how the sea’s favored stars shimmer in an unending reverie,
Let’s not in hurried pursuit of a distant dream forego this waking moment’s reality. 

Don’t go back to sleep yet; hear! 
The rustle of those dry leaves chosen to fall dear;
by a cruel tempest that banished them with a cold sneer. 
Listen to the earth swallow the shuddering lonely dusk’s fear
Heed to the midnight’s silent shrieks, pay heed to the now and the here. 

Don’t go back to sleep yet; feel! 
My deep sighs that woke you up and what they reveal, 
The pining of lost memories of love and how their layers unabashedly peel, 
The noise of waning possibilities, the ardent truth in the snowflake’s appeal
Like the humility of my unrequited love that watches its sunset, as I in prayer kneel. 

Don’t go back to sleep yet; taste! 
These delicious gaps that weave a queer tale of a still night’s moment of haste, 
The air of the mountains that defy ideals of all that is held sanct and chaste
That bittersweet moon’s amber beam ignored by sleep’s unmindful distaste 
Those petrichor moments that wonder if love’s pursuit is a mighty waste… 

Don’t go back to sleep yet, my love! 
Let’s in these half-awake moments decipher the secrets spelt by the stars somehow… 
Let’s stay up and savor our senses and dwell in the nothingness of that which is here and now… 

Don’t go back to sleep yet, my love! 
Don’t go back to sleep yet, my love!

Picture by Sam Roach (Unplash)

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