Day: April 16, 2019


Have you felt that burden?The one of having to carry too much love?The same burden that looms large in past pages and nags hurting your present fortitude far below? Don’t get me wrong I ain’t no atheist who wouldn’t believe in favors of the heavens and the wisdom of the good sieve…But often I wonder […]

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Be Kind

In joy, you may seek blissful solitude but trials may require friendly banterBe kind… Prosperity has many companions adversity may not extend you that favorBe kind Love in its youthful radiance will indulge you But old age may test your resolveBe kindVanity will have its listeners sometimes but poverty may force you to plead aloneBe kindIn words and simple deeds, in […]

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In the Stillness of the Forest

In the stillness of the forest… Purpose and promise flirt with the breeze,Wild and tame coexist with ease,Croaking and crooning beasts at peace,A distant hymn beckons, nightly passions cease, In the stillness of the forest… The fawn hops by merrily, unmindful of the snake,Mighty oaks greet lean bamboos by the lake,Tree spirits hasten to nudge […]

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Don’t go back to sleep yet

Don’t go back to sleep yet; see! We’re beckoned by shores of love’s sweet mystery, We ought to let our feet witness this ecstasy;Of waves that know how to simply be… Watch how the sea’s favored stars shimmer in an unending reverie,Let’s not in hurried pursuit of a distant dream forego this waking moment’s reality.  Don’t go back […]

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