I am a seed… The same one you buried in a hurry to kill the voice you didn’t want anyone to heed to or hear
I am that bolt of lightning intensifying the darkness of the ages then igniting that cleansing forest fire.

I am a vessel that fills, empties, overflows in its emptiness then fills again with versely deliverance,
I am a cloud laden with life-giving water that you take for granted in your whimsical arrogance.

I am that refusal of selective privilege bowing only to the collective conscious
I am that reversal of the norm breathing reason over every covenant, stale and vicious

I am woman… Born of life, tasting freedom, redefining every control line,
I am woman… Made of greatness, the elixir nourishing the sacred trine,
I am woman… Broken thus beautiful, challenging norms, placing love in its befitting sacred shrine
I am woman… Radiant, unbridled, human, breathing meaning into everything mortal yet divine.

Picture by Carlottasilvestrini (Pixabay)


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