Don’t Foot My BILL

Don’t care to pull me a chair,
Don’t help open my kitchenware.
Don’t think my time is always spare,
Don’t say I’m born only to cook n care.

Don’t believe it is okay to stare
Touch me at whim – don’t you dare!
Don’t decide it’s okay to tell me what to wear,
Don’t clothe me and let your thoughts lay bare!

Don’t say “after you” or hold my door,
Don’t seat me at your foot when sore.
Don’t be my provider nor keep each score,
Don’t decide what’s best for me nor say I can’t be more!

Don’t call me childish names,
Don’t engage me in empty games.
Don’t! Oh don’t decide for me now,
Don’t expect me to be your sacrificial cow.

Don’t expect me to love the pill.
Don’t sound the horn at your will.
Don’t seat me at the window sill.
Don’t you ever – ever foot my bill!

Picture by Stocksnap (Pixabay)

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