Be relentless in your pursuit
Of building a home, 
That makes you feel warm,
On a cold winter morning.

Raise children, that both,
Love and are weary
Of a world being consumed
By race, religion, war, and crime.

Bleed, sweat and cry;
Make sure that every drop
Of your body fluid
Is fuelling a career
Soon to be your legacy.

Walk with, shoulder and lift,
Both doting parents bound by blood
And a lover then spouse,
Bound by vows.

Let an unfair world, be unfair to you,
From the colour of your skin,
To the weight of your body;
From the clothes that hide,
To the clothes the reveal,
Your dignity and character;
Let your every word, motion and smile,
Be subject to judgment, truths, and lies.

Be more than
What you realistically need to be;
Do more than
What you ought to do;
Shoulder more expectations
Then what you should possibly withhold,

Be a woman.

Picture by Tsukiko Kiyomidzu

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