I have been searching,

From coast to coast;
From hills to peaks;
From sandy dunes to lakeside sanctuaries;
From drained out deserts to stormy seas.
I have knocked on gods’ door,
Offered prayers to Allah,
Rung temple bells,
And yet I’m still searching.
From men of reason,
To women with compassion,
From the exuberance of youth,
To the wisdom of the old,
None have succeeded
To help me with my search.
As my mortality reminds me of the time that I do not have,
My search relentlessly continues.
I must admit,
My travels thus far
Do not inspire any confidence,
And yet I search.
Such is the irony of my pursuit,
I search with the purpose of finding purpose.
Perhaps that’s what some creator, somewhere,
Intends we do;
Search until we can search no more.
Only to meet it, him or her
And realise that we scoured a tiny planet,
In a tiny celestial body,
In a tiny universe for a short period of time,
To find that we didn’t matter even a tiny bit.
A futile search indeed.

(Picture Sourced Externally)

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