Remember, the palatial abodes
That adorned kingly estates and kingdoms of the past.
Remember, the long seaward voyages
That lasted longer than months and calendars
Remember, the sealed envelopes that carried
Thoughts, feelings and emotions alike
We remember what lies buried in the past.
And what lies buried, grows fonder to the heart.
But we must do more than remember,
For remembering didn’t bring about
Cities with skyscrapers that now reach the stars.
For remembering didn’t bring about
Skyward journeys that sometimes last less than an hour.
For remembering didn’t bring
Friends living thousands of miles apart
Close enough to hear the silence in between their exchanges.
The world does more than remember
It replaces, recycles and most of all, it rebuilds.
And so, if a stoic world,
Often accused of tragedies and crimes
Can rebuild and therefore last,
Why can’t we?
Remember what made us laugh;
Remember the times we cried;
Remember the stories we have told;
But those times have passed.
We could remember or we could rebuild.
Find new reasons to laugh;
Find more reasons to cry;
And therefore, have new stories to tell.
So, let’s not remember, but move on
And therefore, dear lover, friend and compatriot,
Let’s rebuild.

By Anirudh Dalmia
Painting by 
Patrizia Vignola

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