Endless Night

An endless night falls upon this land.
Nightly skirmishes aside,
The streets seem inviting,
Welcoming the nightingales
To belt new tunes;
While the cascades of wine
Quench the thirst of the inhabitants of the night.
A sailor man wearing sailor clothes,
Awaits what he hopes to see under moonlight.
Voyages across endless horizons
Don’t compare to the sight he is about to behold.
Minute after minute the cascades of wine reduce to streams,
Shimmering along the now lamp-lit streets;
The skirmishes audible yet not as loud as the silence.
The sailor man, still in hope that his sight to behold,
Will come to him before the moonlight fades away
And takes with it the endless night.
He waits, unyielding, against the sun
That has ended the promise of an endless night.
Such is life, for the endless night ends,
But the sailor man still awaits.

By Anirudh Dalmia
Painting by Ivan Constantinovich Aivazovsky

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