Dear Friend

It’s been a long day
And by the looks of it,
It’s going to be an even longer night.
I am currently peeping from my abode
In the search of stars
That are cruelly hidden by the bearers of rain. 

Perhaps that’s why this author pens this letter
To the understudy of the heavenly stars.
Perhaps it’s easier to look for you
Than to peep out of my abode
And hope that the stars I seek
Are not cruelly hidden by the bearers of rain.
Cruel as your status might sound
Seek solace in the fact
That your brilliance is only second to the stars.
Dear friend,

It’s been a long day.
Thank you for making an even longer night
Without the company of stars,
Seem like one I can get through.

– Your friend 

By Anirudh Dalmia
Painting: Sky of a million stars


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