A day in the life of a Superhero

Hello, awake yet?
If you’re not, then you must
Slide out of the bed covers,
Race to your closet,
Pull out your cape, your mask
And everything and anything,
That completes your outfit for the day.
Early morning messages follow,
But not before apologies for the ones missed the night before.
And before a nourishing meal,
Apply all your zeal
To scouring the papers, the media,
Including the one preceded with social.
And once half up-to-date,
Make sure you are already, not too late
And once you have half-completed breakfast,
Rush, for work awaits.
While at work,
The glass is always half empty;
Leaving you constantly thirsty.
If you’re not breaking your back,
They probably won’t want you back.
And speaking of backs,
Don’t turn yours on the legions of followers
Waiting patiently for your daily update.
Perhaps a post on what’s for lunch,
Work-related updates or just the outfit for the day?
While at work don’t forget to fit in
With the one sitting right next to you
And the one after him or her.
Last and definitely not the least,
Your manager, his boss
And if you are working for a company that’s big enough,
Include the bosses that follow all on your list.
Office WhatsApp groups and social ones too,
Need your constant inputs.
Perhaps contribute during your bathroom breaks?
Speaking of your colleagues, your bosses and their bosses,
Don’t leave before they do
And once they do
Tap out for the day,
For you think it’s time to hit the hay.
But hold on, your day isn’t complete.
Message those who haven’t heard from you all day.
Keep tabs on their friends and everything that’s happening on their end.
As for the rest of the night,
Make sure it’s happening.
Tired, beat up and bruised?
Don’t worry! For before you go on to snooze,
Party hard as they say
And while partying
With X, Y and Z
Don’t forget to take pictures with captions
And alcoholic concoctions.
Before the night is done,
You will be one with all your well-wishers
On twitter, Facebook and Snapchat.
From who’s that to where’s what?
Make sure their questions are answered.
And only then
Pull off your cape;
Turn to the bed stand;
You might be just done for the day;
Only if there are no emails or texts to get back to;
Only funny GIFs to react to.
Sounds tiring, but hey!
You did wear the cape and put on a mask;
So, bae don’t complain,
Just eat sleep and repeat every day.

By Anirudh Dalmia
Painting by Steve Benton

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