Day: February 27, 2019


  Silence can resembleThe loudest out-of-sync trumpetsTrying to puncture the insidesOf our eardrums.When silence becomes too loud,We break our guise of inner peaceAnd either force ourselves to speakOr resort to actions considered bleak. Some wear silence,As their armour of valour.They are stronger than the other manAnd braver for having kept mum.Their tales soon to be legends,Their […]

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I envy the man,Who sleeps on the streets,Whose widow,Will sell her soul and then body,To feed children,Whose lives are worth less than condoms. His existence all but a story,Of food missing or on the plate.His poverty, unlike the pennies in his pocket,In abundance.His appetite for cheap liquor,More than what his liver can afford.His wife; his prostitute; […]

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The Window

There is a window, Just a few meters from where I stand. It takes me through the bustle Of city streets and lights; Just beyond the cars and vans, Their noises and chatter; To where vast waters meet the sand; Where waves crest onto the feet of children. It can’t possibly be audible, But I […]

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